Announcement: Iobit Systemcare

by admin on December 3, 2013


Iobit Systemcare

The Iobit software and system utility company began back in 2004. The company is founded on the premise that they can make your PC better, faster, smoother and more efficient. So far, it seems they are correct from what the vast majority of Iobit users have to say. Does your PC run slower than you’d like or do you wish you could slap on just a bit more turbo for that latest game or programming build? If so, then you might very well be interested in the Iobit Systemcare opportunity.

What does Iobit Systemcare do?

This is a great question and one that is frequently asked when folks first encounter the product. What exactly does systemcare mean? Computers are intricate running machines or systems that can easily become polluted, corrupted and fragmented. Every single process you perform whether on an application or on the internet can leave stray fragmentation. You can wind up with broken links, broken shortcuts, corrupted database components and more.

The worst case scenarios are when you pick up viruses, worms, Trojans and other malware such as this from the internet by visiting sites that, unbeknownst to you, download things onto your computer. These malware programs are geared at many things and none of them are good you might say. Some of them just like to slow down and mess up your computer (because people are mean and do it because they can). Then there are types of malware that are much worse.

For instance, you might run into a worm, Trojan or virus that is designed to wipe out your entire memory or hard drive on your PC. If you don’t have anything in place to help protect your computer, then you are at an extremely high risk for running into one of these types of malware which could completely destroy your PC. What’s worse? Well, it can get worse. If you run into one of the malware varieties whose job it is to help steal private information and / or eventually your identity, then it gets real bad. Not only is it that your PC is now involved, but your entire life can be destroyed (emotionally, financially and in just about every other way too).

Well….though this sounds like a lot to protect you from (and it is), that’s not all Iobit Systemcare does. They use what you might think of as the “everything but the kitchen sink” approach. Even though that’s a kind of slang reference, it’s actually oh so true too.

Iobit Systemcare covers you for so many things it’s actually easier to figure out what they don’t cover you for. But since folks want to know what all is included (and rightfully so), we will make it simple to find so you’ll know what you are getting and what to expect from the product.

  • Protects from Security threats
  • Cleans out and Protects against Malware
  • Assures a Trojan free, Virus free and Worm free environment
  • Protects when surfing and searching the internet
  • Proactive in blocking threatening sites for downloads and sharing

All of the above are protective functions of the Iobit system care. Now let’s talk about improving performance since this is another one of the prime reasons people are interested in system care product. You can bet you will see much improvement in all your PC performance areas including individual applications, internet surfing and more. Here’s a taste of what you will see.

  • Hard drive performing at max capacity
  • Optimization from the base system to active and ongoing
  • The absolute best in deep system tune up to achieve the best performance possible
  • Internet boost of speedup near a 300% increase with the tune up
  • Registry clean and fix of broken entries as well as repair
  • Smart tools that will help with ongoing daily maintenance to keep you running at top efficiency

Finally we can’t leave our security, privacy and your safety and show Iobit will help preserve that. You don’t want anyone or anything getting into your PC and stealing information. The Iobit system care will provide:

  • Cleaning of privacy security with each log on
  • Full block of attempts by malicious applications to gain access to any of your personal information

Another really cool thing that Iobit is able to do is accomplish all of this and it does not slow down your system. It just speeds it up.

You will also know you are fully supported 24/7/365 in case you have any questions or problems. They are always on because there is someone on the PC using Iobit 24/7/365 and you never know when it may be that one customer that needs help. So…they are there for you.

Feedback on Iobit System care

People always want to know what others have to say about something. With the advent of the internet we are able to get information on user feedback much more easily and that’s a good thing because we all want to know the opinion of those who have come before us. That’s what’s next. So here goes.

As noted on CNET several ongoing users of the Iobit System care software:

  • Samuel Harris states that he will continue to use Iobit because his PC is brought to optimal performance with minimal requirements on his side.
  • Lannytyndall36 exclaimed that the program is not a memory hog and that is works very well at keeping the system clean and running extremely well. He also tells that his experience with customer service was excellent to work with even in the middle of the night!
  • Overwhelming end users tell us that the product is very well worth its price and that their PCs are running in optimal time and performance.

Where do you get Iobit Systemcare?

This is another question that often elicits a quandary amongst those less aware of the best options available. By far the best thing to do is to obtain your version from a trusted distributor or home site. That is another of the areas we have decided to assist with. Since our readers request direct information. You can obtain your copy here (LINK) and begin your journey to optimized PC performance and better all-around computer experience.


Iobit Advanced System Care 7

by admin on December 4, 2013

Iobit Advanced SystemCare Pro 7Okay folks, if you are ready it’s time to learn about the ultimate in PC system care maintenance, cleanup and tune up tool. Iobit Advanced SystemCare truly goes above and beyond with this one to maximize everything about your PC.

No doubt there have been some great Iobit products down the back line. From the free versions with basic security features and basic optimizations packages on board to the deeper cleaning, better optimizing Pro versions. BUT, they have stepped beyond the plate with this one with better, faster, cleaner and more super powered PC protection and performance than we ever knew could be done.

Click Here to Download Iobit Advanced System Care 7 Now


Who is Iobit?


In case you are not familiar with the Iobit Company, we thought we would give you a little background information on them. Iobit was founded in 2004 and has been going strong since that time. They have come into the world of system care, optimization and PC protections and made it a whole new ballgame for themselves and their competitors.

A company founded by a group of wise technological businessmen they realized there was a gap that needed to be filled. They knew if they could offer customers around the world a software model that could make the difference between a little red wagon and a red corvette.

Guess what you are looking at now?

What is Iobit Advanced SystemCare 7?

You betcha. Meet the red corvette or system care optimization tools. With this automated all in one package, Iobit has come to the forefront once again. But, just exactly what is it that makes Iobit Advanced SystemCare 7 over the top the best choice?

Let’s investigate and see what tools and toys they have onboard to make your PC experience come to life or perhaps back to life whichever the case may be.

In order to understand what all this really means you first need to know what an all in one package is all about. This is a situation where you get full coverage of everything your PC could need. We’ll list them out here for you real quick and then give you a run down on what each of them means.

If we leave out anything in the short run, we will surely pick up on the long side so hopefully we will cover all of your questions before we are through. Now here we go straight to the heart of Iobit Advanced SystemCare 7.

  • Privacy protection – got it. This means your personal information is safe.
  • Malware removal – rip it out. This means you don’t have to worry about spyware, viruses, Trojans, worms or any other extreme and malicious evil ware that resides on your PC. This is the program that will remove the malware taunting your PC’s functionality. This is the program that will help you become optimized to the point that your PC will be almost like brand new.
  • Registry clean, fix and repair – click it and fix it. Registry links get broke and this is the repair job you’ve been waiting for.
  • Performance tune-up – Oil it. Think of this as the squeaky wheel getting the grease. Everything that can be doneto improve the performance of your machine resides here. The tune up is the final piece of Iobit Advanced SystemCare 7 software that will bring your PC up to its best possible functional performance.
  • Ultimate system cleaning – You name it. Everything is covered from the malware to the registry and back again to take over coverage on broken links, residual components and more. Nothing will get past the full function clean up capabilities of the Iobit Advanced SystemCare 7.

Are there Really Improvements in SystemCare 7?

You bet there are. Iobit is making sure that every single advancement they can implement, they do. They do not leave anything to chance, if at all possible. Here are the further enhanced options brought with this latest version.

  • User Interface is new and improved and even easier to use
  • Autoclean option comes with all Iobit Advanced SystemCare packages (even free)
  • Protection beefups
    • Surfing protection with real-time updates
    • Parental control options
    • Search engine enhanced protection
    • Homepage improved protection
    • Supports Windows 8 and 8.1
    • Supports IE11
    • Supports 32 languages
    • Start menu 8 added for Windows 8 and 8.1
    • New toolbox Iobit bits – Easy access in the toolbox
      • Driver booster
      • Manage my mobile
      • Uninstaller
      • Program Deactivation
      • Homepage protection
      • Better vulnerability awareness and fixing tools
      • Enhanced Registry issue finding and fix capabilities
      • Web surfing protection now available
      • Turbo boost is even better
      • The junk file cleanup feature and privacy sweep are better than ever as well.

Where Can You Get Iobit Advanced SystemCare 7?

If you are ready to truly take your PC experience up to the level where it should be to optimize your web surfing, working, gaming and simply all of your computer experiences, then we would be happy to help. You do want to make sure you are getting the real Iobit Advanced SystemCare 7. Just like anything that is out there today there is the potential that someone will try to fake out folks with products that aren’t optimum. Please don’t become a victim of something like this.

Click here to get started and you will be running at super speed in no time at all.

Click Here to Download Iobit Advanced System Care 7 Now


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